Greeting From Damascus, Syria

Dear all,
I reached Damascus the oldest city in the world on the Saturday 745pm local time, which M’sia time about 2am, it’s about 7 hour different from M’sia. Damascus is as old as history itself. It’s very hard and expensive to get Internet access here, it’s cost USD5 for 30 minute. I had some nice photo which i like to show u all about Syria, but i only had 15 minute to blog, so no time to upload. *-*
Back to my lil boy, his discharge from Hospital KPJ(Kajang) on the Sunday afternoon, thanks for all the prayer and well wishes. I’m not that worry anymore, now can concentrate on my work and enjoy abit while i was here, i been crying and worrying about Jeremy since the day he admitted to Hospital, it’s was an awful feeling for me as a mum to leave a sick child in the Hospital. Ok then …
I’ll got to stop here for the time being. Will try to access again to Internet once i had the time . Miss everyone in M’sia, Miss blogging ….

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