Jeremy got DENGGI .

Jeremy had admitted to Hospital this morning, cos Denggi (positive) , please pray for my lil boy . Hopefully he be out very soon, i know at least 4 days in hospital. I m trying hard to change my air ticket (to Syria) to Sunday night too … hopefully i able to change.

I need ur prayer .. thanks .


16 Responses to “Jeremy got DENGGI .”

  1. wen Says:

    anggie, i prayed for u and jeremy. may God bless him speedy recovery.

  2. Vien Says:

    Oh no! If you can’t change your flight, just cancel it.

  3. mybabybay Says:

    Will pray for you and jeremy. I hope he has a speedy recovery!!

  4. bits of life Says:

    poor Jeremy! Don’t worry too much Anggie. Both of you will be in my prayer. Take care!

  5. bits of life Says:

    oh yah! try to boil some “pear” or “apple” with snow fungus & honey dates in a slow cooker. It believes to soothe your cough. You can hop to Shireen’s blog for the recipe. Take care!

  6. Cat Cat Says:

    I praying for Jeremy’s full and speedy recovery.

  7. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    OMG, be sure to check your hse compound for any breeding area. Hope you boy recover soon!

  8. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    i just spent a few moments with Lord praying for Jeremy and you.

    it’s very stressful with Jeremy sick, you sick and a working trip coming up. stay calm.

    I wish speedy recovery to Jeremy and you.

  9. Mommy Says:

    oh dear anggie, you must be feeling really lousy 😦 but fortunately your pil are available. hope things will be right again real soon. take care friend
    -pek imm

  10. hooikoon Says:

    oh…feel sad to hear that !
    Poor little jeremy, hope that he’ll get well soonest !

  11. andrewjune Says:

    i hope by now lil jeremy has recovered…and i wish you a safe trip to Syria tomorrow.
    will keep both of you in my prayers.

  12. Ita Says:

    We will pray for his speedy recovery.

  13. slavemom Says:

    Oh gosh! This must one of those times when everything has to happen at the same time. Here’s wishing u and Jeremy a speedy recovery. U jes hang in there ya. Things WILL get better.

  14. Vivian Wong Says:

    Get well soon, little boy.

  15. jazzmint Says:

    it’s tough time but I’m sure he’d be OK and grow up as a very strong boy.

  16. Trinity Says:

    Oh Anggie… I am so sorry for not coming here before… my son was suspected denggi as well at the same time your Jeremy was sick… but the result was negative.

    Anggie, I am happy you are home now…

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