We Are Not Well

It’s been a stressful, unwell for us this week . Well… Jeremy having fever since Monday . The temperature been up and down , but the fever didn’t go off, especially at night, the fever can reach up to 39 , today Jeremy started to have diarrhoea . I’m worry . I hope it’s not becos of dengki (touch wood) . Not sure izzit becos of teething, cos he had 2 big tooth coming out at the both side. If the fever still not yet go off, they will be a blood test this Friday . I pray he don’t have to go through this .

1) Jeremy was having high fever and tired …
2) I had many work to be done and prepared before i go Syria … badly cough too.

I m not feeling well too, today was my second time visit doctor , i m cough . I need to recover as soon as possible, cos i m leaving to Syria this Saturday morning. Syria was in Winter time now, can go as low as (-6) . It’s was a dry and cold winter in Syria now, that’s why i hope my cough can recover real soon, other wise i will have problem with the weather . It’s abit hard for me to recover real soon, cos i have to work late (work at home sometime) and need to watch out for Jeremy during at night . Plus the medicine make me nausea and tired too …. awww …. .
Really tired … but work has to be done, need to start packing, need to prepared some thing for Jeremy boy . Need to tell and remind my hubby this and that …. just endless list to be remember and done.
It’s was kind of “heavy heart” to leave my little boy behind while he is not feeling well, i feel bad when i not able to be with him while he is sick . But i m glad, my PIL was able to take care Jeremy well .. i believe that .
Pray that my lil boy and myself will recover soon … before this Saturday .

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