The Last Day of 2007

We spend our last day of 2007 in PD (Tiara Beach Resort) with my PIL & BIL . Here’s are some of the photo i captures during the 2 night 1 night stay in PD. This mini vacation was plan many months ago, finally i was here with family at this special day.


The pictures above shown he was not very enjoy and afraid of the water at the Tiara Beach Resort , maybe there’s alot of people and the water was quite cold . So call haven “warm-up” yet .He was also afraid of the Mr Crown, he even cry when the Mr Crown give him the balloon.

(HAPPY MOMENT for Jeremy)

After “warm-up” he started to enjoy it. It’s take some time to warm up and used to the water theme park, that time we are about to leave and go back to our apartments. But we still lets the kids played at the water theme park the next morning.
There’s alot of activities during that night like : singing, mini concert, of cos the count down and the fire works . But too bad me and hubby not able to join them for the count down, cos this Little boy was very sleepy and tired after the whole day activities playing with the water theme park and the children playground . We have to accompany him in the apartment.

Mummy’s lil DIGI boy . (sleeping time).

We do enjoy the mini vacation very much . It’s a nice place for kids and family to be together and get close to each other.

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