What A Great Surprise & Luck On The New Year

Happy New Year …..Happy New Year …..
This morning i wanna thanks Women’s Weekly , cos i WON a Sunplay Hamper
Worth RM200 . Means i can have more outdoor activities and more vacation .. hehehe.
Even the photo was post to Women’s Weekly long long time ago .
( that’s why i look small and thin, now … … aiyo :@)

Thanks Kiasumum(Fiona) for this info , She’s the one who let me know – said
me & my hb was in women’s weekly . So this morning i go get the
magazine,Yes Yes Yes, it’s was me and my hubby (William).
I’m a reader for Women’s Weekly, but this month i get

it quite late, cos i m very busy .
What a great surprise and luck on the New Year .


19 Responses to “What A Great Surprise & Luck On The New Year”

  1. everydayhealy Says:

    This is certainly a great sign for the New Year! hehe….


  2. mybabybay Says:

    Congratulations! Looks like you have a early new year gift!

  3. andrewjune Says:

    yeah congrats…can use some of the product when you go for your overseas assignment this month…

  4. P Says:


  5. Wen Says:

    now i go read my women’s weekly first.. i have always wanted to send in my story and photo but too lazy to do it la, but now….

  6. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:


    may ALL great things bestowed on you this year!!!!

  7. slavemom Says:

    Happy New Year to u n ur family too! Congrats on winning the hamper!

  8. sting Says:

    congrats! 🙂

  9. Cat Cat Says:

    Congrats Anggie… Nepal is one of the country that I wanted to visit…

  10. bits of life Says:

    Wow! A great New Year gift isn’t it? Congrats!

  11. vickylow Says:


  12. JO-N Says:

    COngrats, congrats! That’s a good news and a good gift too.

  13. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    that brand new chuch is the Chinese Methodist Church in Sungai Chua, Kajang. very near your home-huh? no wonder so familiar rite?

    i grew up in Kajang and my parents stays there.

  14. Leishia J Says:

    thats so cool anggie! congrats! 😀

  15. jazzmint Says:

    wah congrats

  16. barb michelen Says:

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  17. Jacss Says:

    wow…that was indeed a real surprise!! but i cant imagine myself landg in such place for a vacation….nice ahh??

  18. Annie Q Says:

    Congrats!! I read this too and about to tell u..hahahaha i’m late!

  19. Ita Says:

    Hey, I am also a fan of women’s weekly magazine. Already bought the copy this month but haven;t got the chance to read through everything. So when I saw ur blog I quickly went to my room and grab my copy to see ur article. Showed Madhu as well and he was surprised. Good job!

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