The Moment – Christmas Day

Christmas had over , another few days will reach year 2008. I do have a dinner during Christmas eve with my close friends at my home and also a last minutes plan dinner at my home too with my PIL. But i didn’t took much photos, maybe too busy preparing the food . But i love this sweet Christmas Cake .
Another moments to be capture was this : Unwrap prezzie moments .
Mummy get Jeremy a cute “Cookie Monster” Bag and Daddy get Jeremy a nice ABC book. He love his bag very much, now he will ask us to put on the bag for him, and he will carry the empty bag around the house . He even get mad when someone try too take his bag . Both are too cute – The lil Boy and the Cookie Monster Bag.
Mummy had a gift too, is a Belt from daddy & daddy get a Shirt from mummy. So everyone was happy with a small gift and love we shared during this Christmas. I m sure everyone was enjoy and feel with love this Christmas.
Last….. All the best to all of you who dropping by here have a wonderful New Year !!


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