I be away middle of Janaury

Do u realize lately i very seldom update my post and even seldom blog hopping, i was really busy with my work and also prepared for some short holiday. BUSY, mainly is becos of my work . But i miss BLOGGING, I miss every mummies blogs and i miss those lovely tags .
I been tie up with a major project in my company and the interested part was i m going to have a working trips to oversea middle of next month, i be away for almost 10 days, maximum was 15 days (date to be confirm later) , that why i m busy preparing for the work and presentation. Hopefully i able to work well in this project.
So, where am i going ???

Locater map for this country was : It is bounded to the north by Turkey, to the east by Iraq, to the south by Jordan, and to the southwest by Israel and Lebanon.... guess where ?? Is a very Islamic Country, If i have money, honestly i WON’T choose this country for vacation, but seem it’s working trips and it’s free… so i like to take this opportunities to explore myself and experience this historical country .

Wish me luck !!


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