My Little "Man" Is Walking !!

Ladies & Gentlemen … My lil “man” is walking now !!

Date : 12 Dec 2007 (Nearly 14 months)
p/s: Took the video at night, that why abit dark .


19 Responses to “My Little "Man" Is Walking !!”

  1. Giddy Tiger Says:

    Soon he will be running and climbing too!

  2. Twin Says:

    yey jeremy! clever *clap clap*

  3. Leishia J Says:

    watch out world! Jeremy boy’s coming at ya! 😀

  4. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    congrats… another new milestone achieved. hooray!!!!

  5. KK & WS Says:

    soon you will be chasing him around…

  6. KK & WS Says:

    soon you will be chasing him around…

  7. vickylow Says:

    Bravo Jeremy!!

  8. Annie Q Says:

    Go go go ..Jeremy boy!
    Soon he will start running, and climbing, mommy will be busy chasing after him lo.

  9. P Says:

    woo hoo …

    way to go!

    thanks for dropping a comment on my blogg btw …


  10. hooikoon Says:

    well done Jeremy !
    Anggie, u r going to busy soon !

  11. mybabybay Says:

    Walking is always better than crawling. Now he can see more things.

  12. Zoë Says:

    well done, Jeremy!!

    *my Clíona @ 17 months still afraid to walk…!:(

  13. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    wah,….i see a happy and beaming mummy here….congrats!!

  14. Jacss Says:

    so proud of yr lil man heh !!!
    mumy & dady would soon be busy chasing lil man around, hehehe

  15. Ita Says:

    Yeah! Jeremy, good job. Joel is also starting to walk now. They can now walk together.

  16. andrewjune Says:

    congrats that jeremy has achieved yet another milestone!…yeah you will be busy chasing him around soon…but that’s the fun, rite?

  17. chanelwong Says:

    well done boy !!!!

  18. Miaoy Says:

    hooray, little jeremy s finally walking..
    anggie..get ready to chase after him..haha

  19. slavemom Says:

    Ur lil man walks vy well edi. Way to go Jeremy! *clap clap clap*

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