"Friendship" Trip

I be away during weekend for a trip to Kuala Selangor, i will be spending 2 days 1 night there with 12 of my dear friends, all girls . This friendship already 10 years, hope more and more 10 years to come, and we still cherish each others . I m more excited to meet up with them rather then the Location (Kuala Selangor). Cant wait till the weekends just like i cant wait to blog about this post.

For me, friends is very important is our life, Life is nothing without friends . where ever we go , we need friends. Especially those we call it “real friends” . Real friends can be a source of self-esteem, affection, and good times. Why? Because a real friend will not desert you when you are down, and will not turn against you in jealousy, for example, when you succeed.

This photo was taken 10 years ago, so don’t laugh ok ?? hehehe. We always have a year end trip after our final exam. Well, i will show you some photo after the trips . Before and after the 10 years . Stay Tune for the coming post. Hopefully i can find time to blog about this trip.

As for this trip, i will be in charge on designing a souvenir card for each one of us. Not only we have this souvenir card, each one of us will have a white gold plus a small diamonds pendant. Will post about the pendant later.
The design almost the same as Jeremy’s Birthday card, i just change the image .. 🙂

Oh ya, How about Jeremy Boy while i was not around ? My MIL will taking care of him just for one night only, so i m not worry . He always fine and get lots of attention from them. One thing about this boy, when he get to see mummy, he will always look for mummy, when he don’t get to see mummy or some others people around or play with him, he will totally forgot his mummy … hehehe . Maybe he is still too young to miss his mummy.


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