Oh finally i have time to write “a” post , i been very busy since my last post, means is about a week i cant find a time to write any post and blog hop. The line (Internet) been very bad recently too. I might able to read and go tru some of the blog, but not able to leave comments .

I also been tied up with a “big” project in my office, i think i will be very busy doing some proposal and presentation until January . I need to prepared myself for this project .. becos ….. well, i will tell you all later when the time is come .

Apart from my job, i been busy over almost every weekend and weeks to come . For those who taged me ( slavemom, Trinity, healy, malaika mum and …. hmm, who else ??) , i will do it when i can find the time to do . Thanks and sorry !!

Oh … ya … finally finally i had time to deco my Christmas Tree, yes i already bought a big (6′) Christmas Tree last 2 weeks , Finally i made up my mind to buy it and will had a special event during this Christmas session. About my previous post, i got some advised from some mummies and ask me to get a big and new Christmas tree, but only yesterday i able to get some ornament and deco it . I love gold & red colour for the whole design .

Tadah !!!…. My New and “big Christmas Tree”

(i think the tree is big but the ornament is not enough!!)

We just love it, Jeremy love it too, he will point to the Christmas Tree every time we ask him . Of cos for the first time he will touch and pull the ornament, later when we nicely talk to him, he slowly listen and not simple pull it !! But he like to play with the present below the Christmas tree . I think he cant wait to open his Christmas Gift . hehehe .


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