Should I Get One??

Oh…. Today is the last day of November , coming to December means we are nearly reach year 2008. While i was blog hopping for the past few weeks, i realize so many mummies and blogger had set up their lovely Christmas Tree .. oh yes, Christmas is near … No matters you are Christian or not… everyone can celebrate Christmas , it’s seem like a trend and a “must” for most people.
In Malaysia we didn’t celebrate Christmas so “Big” like in oversea . Even the atmosphere is not so much “feel” like “angmoh” country . Am i right ? Maybe i m wrong. But i personally love Christmas . I m lucky and glad that i have chance to celebrate Christmas twice in London & Amsterdam , one in Nepal .. love it !! No matters where i was, i just like Christmas Day. Especially Christmas Tree with nice deco. Sad to say i don’t have a “big” Christmas Tree . But i have a small tiny Christmas Tree which i love it very much ….

I like to introduce my tiny lil Christmas Tree and also my first and only Christmas Tree now .

This tiny Christmas Tree be with me nearly 10 years, yah… an old tiny Christmas Tree . It’s was send to me by my beloved Boyfriend (Husband) from Skudai (Johor) to KL during Christmas Session in year 1997. I was so touch when i received this tiny Christmas Tree even not the big one . It’s was a sweet surprise for me.

Now … I had my own house, I also had a very cheeky, happy and naughty lil boy this year. So it’s a special Christmas for us. I was thinking should i get a big Christmas Tree ? or i still have this tiny Christmas Tree with us this coming Christmas ?? I dunno yet . Will post it if i able to get a New and Big Christmas Tree this year …ya …. 🙂
(For sure i will treasure this tiny Christmas Tree with me even i had a new and big Christmas Tree … 🙂


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