Being Together.

As many of u known I had been busy for the last week, cos Jeremy’s nanny not able to taking care him. Me, my IL and my hubby had to take turn to “jaga” Jeremy. I personally found it was a nice time being together with Jeremy …. Of cos I do feel tired at the same time , cos have to watch him closely and always make sure he is save.. This boy is kind of Busy boy . Everything around the house for him is new, and he is so much curious wanna to know it.

Suddenly i recall back the tag we all come across FTWM vs SAHM vs PTWM. I still stick to my choice as PTWM. There’s always pros and cons on every desicion we make as FTWM/SAHM and PTWM.

Some photos to share here :

As the previous post . He being so busy at home, touch here and there and i m being busy watching him as well . Cos he is bored with his toys, he just like to pull all the CD and old cassette or even throw them all over the floor 😦

Jeremy had few doggie , but he still prefer this, he call dog as “vovo” Playing with this doggie and he even try to feed the doggie, i was surprise, cos i didnt teach him how to feed . Kids are so observed, they been watching us then slowly they react it . So we parents must behave well and as a good example for them !!! 🙂

Everything he get, first he will taste it then put in his mouth , then make some sound out of this . He just so playful … then he laugh !!.. but must always beware of the small small part of toys. It’s will be dangerous !!

As some mummies said, child born to be love swimming and play with water. Jeremy just love his bathing time . After bathe him, me also get all wet !!

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