Jeremy 13th Months Developmental Milestone

Jeremy turned 13 months on the 17th . Here some record of Jeremy 13 months developmental milestone.

  • Height : 9.6kg
  • Weight : duno
  • Teeth : 4 upper, 2 bottom, another 2 at the bottom was coming out.
  • Diet : Milk – around 15 oz a day, 2 porridge (different kind of porridge), 1 cereal and 1 fruit (Any fruits). Started to introduce him more food like Yogurt, Marmike, cheese, Bread. * Jeremy allergies to Wheat & prawn, much be very careful while introduce him more variety of foods.
  • Sleep : Day time- very less, 1 or 2 hour , Night time: Normally sleep at 9:30pm till the next morning.

Development :

  • Good news !! He able to walk few steps like 3-4 steps without holding anything, but later we ask him to walk more, he don’t want already. Well, no force, let him improve himself and have fun crawling and crawling.
  • Crawl and crawl to certain places and stand up by holding furniture and walk along it.
  • Started show interest in climbing the staircase !! Can actually claim up to the upper floor with very fast skill(of cos been watching by us closely at the back) . Time to get a safety gate soon !!
  • Know how to : Clap Hand, Bye-bye, and the latest was “Frank-kiss” .
  • Can give a sound like a dog “vovo” while seeing a dog, I think he like dog, birds… he like animals like the father.
  • Point, point, point ….Like to point here and there, ask us to carry him here and there.
  • Sometime still on his pacifier while sleeping , other wise hard and will take longer time to fall a sleep.
  • Love his board book (ABC , 123 , simple story board book), can flip the book again and again and point to the pictures.
  • Jeremy has been babbling alot lately, obviously he trying to tell us somethings, but just we can’t understand what he trying to say .
  • Can very temperamental , he screams and get mad the second he don’t get what he wants, and even cry when I sternly tell her NO, NO, NO … he understand the meaning of NO, but he just dun like it !!
  • When we take off or put on his clothes, he has already shown the ability to move his legs or hand in the way to assist us . He even know how to take off his drypers.
  • He loves smilling, laughing and grinning showing his teeth… which can actually brighten up our day..
  • I potty train him to “poo poo” after his 1st meal (11:30am), doing well on this . But becos nanny won potty train him. i only can train him when i was taking care Jeremy.

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