Blog Hop Slowly Down

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Dear all, my Nanny CAN’T taking care of me for .. eehh.. this whole week and maybe for the next coming weeks as well . Due to nanny have some very important thing to be settle and done at her hometown in Sarawak. For me is GOOD, cos i able to be with mummy, daddy , grandpa and grandma. They will take turn to taking care of me, But for mummy and daddy will have to take leave & take turn to taking care me . And mummy also not able to blog hop so much, cos need to “watch” me closely… i m very naughty , active and playful , i always keep mummy busy ..hehehe , plus mummy need to finished up mummy’s work in the office too .

Don’t go away, stay tune for more update.
Jeremy Boy

14 Responses to “Blog Hop Slowly Down”

  1. Me ~ Says:

    Don’t worry Anggie, I am waiting for you!

  2. twin Says:

    be back soon ..

  3. chanelwong Says:

    take your time…we will wait for you…

  4. andrewjune Says:

    Yeah we will wait for you…

  5. Ita Says:

    So baby sitting for you for the whole week? Bet you will “enjoy it”.
    My mum is already tired with Joel, so active now. No need to exercise.

  6. JO-N Says:

    It’s ok Anggie, it’s a different experience though. Enjoy those moments with Jeremy.

  7. everydayhealy Says:

    Jeremy… after these 2 weeks, I am sure you will become another super glu like Elizabeth. You just don’t feel like letting mummy go anymore… hehehe…. Enjoy ya…

  8. Jacss Says:

    relax anggie….just take this rare oppty to bond with yr boy & also “TEST” your patience with babysitting 24×7…hehehe!!

    like the picture…so cute!!

    enjoy & we will stay tune…..

  9. kiasumum Says:

    take your own sweet time with jeremy and we will stay tune!!

  10. slavemom Says:

    Enjoy this ‘slavery’ moment. kekeke

  11. odd facts Says:

    Love the picture.

  12. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Enjoy your time with Jeremy boy as much as possible 😀

  13. slavemom Says:

    I know u’re vy bz.. do take ur time with this tag ya.

  14. Annie Q Says:

    jeremy nanny is from sarawak?

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