More Flavors

I try to introduce Jeremy boy different kinds of food . But, be very honest , I m not a good cook, so many foods I wanna to cook for Jeremy, I do try, but end up the food didn’t taste good, izit becos we adult used to eat salty and very tasty food . Cos Jeremy food only contain with simple Vege and rice /mee .

Recently I visit to the Organic shop, the aunty introduce me some “flavors” which can introduce to toddler and add into there food, to make more or slightly taste good. I will choose either one of this into Jeremy ‘s food.

Pre Balance Powder

100% Natural, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservation , good source of fiber, contains 27.2% of protein, cholesterol free. With the best seed (black and white sesame) , 3 vital treasures which is brewer yeast, wheat germ and soy lecithin. & minerals can be obtained from wild green seaweed. Can be mixed in oatmilk, soymilk, grain rice, porridge, noodle or used to make bread and cookies. I personally think this is a good flavors to add into toddlers food.

Creamy Miso Organic soy beans

No Artificial Flavors, No Preservation, No colouring . The ingredient : certified organic soy beans, brown sugar, sea salt & filtered water. As for this I will used very very little only to the porridge/mee. But not always , cos it’s salty. ( will not use this very often)


Add some to the porridge .But recently I heard somebody said, Marmike is NOT good for kids/toddlers. Izit true ? anyone of you come across this ?

Here’s the main food I or nanny cooked for Jeremy , but nanny only cook porridge only. As for me I will try to cook others like mee sua or pasta during the weekend.


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