Tag : The Proudest Moment in My Life

A new blogger friends of mine – Trinity pass me this tag . It’s a very meaningful tag.

There’s so many big and small thing that happen in my life which I m very proud and I m very glad too. But the Proudest moment in my life can easily tell in this photo….. “photo tell a thousand words”. I think is almost the same as Trinity proudest moment.

Married to a nice guy on the year 2003 &
being a mother to Jeremy boy on year 2006.

Please pass on this list:
1. Ehon‘s proudest moment is when he swept 5 out of 6 trophies at a State First Aid Competition.
2. Everyday Healy proudest moment is when she gave birth to Elizabeth.
3. Trinity‘s proudest moments are when she took a commitment to be married and also when she breastfed her babies.
4. Anggie proudest moment was married to a wonderful husband and being a mother .

And now I will like to pass this tag to the following mummies to share their proudest moment:

Slavery Bliss
Alice ( bits of life)


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