Wonderful Sunday.

Usually if i bring Jeremy to “kai-kai” , we won spend so long hour doing shopping , Cos either Jeremy was tired, started to get “lou kai” , we getting tired taking care him or no mood to shopping. But last Sunday he behave very well in the stroller . Fall asleep during our lunch & wake up at the right time after our lunch and his turn to have lunch after that. Total we spend around 6 hour that day.

Thank you to my hubby (William) spending a nice lunch with me to celebrate my birthday last Sunday ( celebrate 2 days early) hubby also taking care Jeremy most of the time, so me can do some shopping !!

We had 2 nice yet very sweet brownies at Secret Recipe.

Roasted Chicken & Tomyam Noodle.

Not forget to bring Jeremy to the indoor playground and let him have fun !! He enjoy playing
with the slide, but daddy have to hold him , still too young for him to slide by himself .
Since daddy have RM50 Voucher for shopping at MPH we end up buying the following books and flash card.

1) Flash Cards for Jeremy Boy , there total 4 box.
2) Recipe book for doing Cake and deco the cake, this book is for me.
3) Since we will have more Vacation coming, daddy bought a MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD. So next time we know where to look for nice and yummy food when we visit the place

oh, why no birthday cake for mummy today ?? Got , tonight will have a small dinner with a birthday cake , so stay tune for the post 🙂 Last ………………………………………………………..

to me… (*-*) hihihi.


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