Tag : Picture in my Handphone

This is a overdue tag from this mummy, thanks… and sorry for late reply…. Here’s u go… Since i had Jeremy, i had his photo at my desktop, my hand phone, and of cos my house !! All over the place.. hahaha .

Photo taken while Jeremy was about 7 months .


4 Responses to “Tag : Picture in my Handphone”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    I can understand you by having jeremy’s boy photos pratically everywhere…as a mother, one cannot get tired or bored looking at all different angle of cute shapshots of their own child….so take more photos and post them EVERYWHERE!

    Btw, fyi…I’m still working before i gave birth to Rachael and I’m planning to resume to work after confinement is over 🙂 Brestfeeding was hard initially, but it gets better now…yes Ah Lian has been giving good tips all the while…and YES, SHE’S DOING VERY VERY EXTREMELY WELL!

    You’re also blessed to have a wonderful husband along with Jeremy boy…but don’t stop here..when are you planning for a second baby like Ah Lian? 🙂

  2. JO-N Says:

    Jeremy has a sweet smile and he looks so happy. Looking at this photo makes you happy, ya?

  3. vickylow Says:

    Nice photo…

  4. ilovepearly Says:

    Cute smile.

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