Cat City Holiday : Kuching (Day 3- 26th October 2007)

Back dated post Day 3- 26th October 2007

This will be the last day that we will stay in Kuching, for this day we had another adventure tour, We pay RM300 per person for this tour. There will be a tour guide name Paul, a local bidayuh tour guide will join us and explain to us the whole trip.

Pick up at hotel and depart on a 4hr drive that takes you through the scenic lush mountain valleys along the Pan Borneo Highway to the Iban Longhouse on the Lemanak River.

Before we reach the jetty, we stop by to visit SEMENGGOH ORANG UTAN REHABILITATION & RAINFOREST CENTRE. How can we miss the orang utan while we visit Sarawak ?? Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Orang Utans during their feeding time. Spot their delicate nests, watch their skillful movements at the tree tops and also their interesting behavior during feeding time. The guide will also narrate to you the behavior, emotion and characteristics of this special primate called Orang Utan, meaning ‘Man of the Forest’.We also visit to pepper farm .

Continue journey and stop by at the market , the guide need to buy some vege and fruits , cos he going to cook dinner for us, yes… the guide cook for us. We can see a lot of vege and fruits that hard to get and buy in KL. The guide will explain to us about the food, vege and fruits in the market as well.

Arrive at the river jetty and take a spectacular hour long-boat ride upriver though weaving through mist and over-hanging jungle foliage. I could say this was a very good experience to all of us.

Upon arrival at the longhouse, the Iban natives will greet and welcome you with the local traditional rice wine “TUAK”. Explore the longhouse and gain an insight into the unique culture of the Iban communities. This long house is home to some 23 families – all living under one roof. Feel free to chat with the Iban old folks (through the assistance of the tour guide) to understand more of their cultural and the history of Headhunting, viewing some of the trophy skulls of past head-hunters hanging from the rafters and antique Chinese jars.

Took photo with some of the iban : this lil boy made me miss my boy even more, i think about the same age as Jeremy.

Check in at Iban guest house. Free to take your bath at the river or at the guest house, while the guide prepare for dinner. Late evening you will be served dinner and be entertained with a cultural performance.
1&2) We are invited to dance together at the cultural performance.
3-6) Some interesting activities we had during the stay at the long house.

This kayu was kind of heavy to carry alone, so i need my hubby to help me to carry 🙂

Breakfast at the guesthouse and then return to Kuching and drop-off at a Hotel for several hour just for us to rest and take a bath before we back to Kuala Lumpur.

Well.. This is all about Kuching , We had a great Vacation even it’s was a bit tiring.

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