Jeremy’s language development & lil skill .

This is a back dated post, it’s was last Sunday, we just spend the time with Jeremy, seem we miss him all the time while we were at Kuching .

Today Jeremy 1 years and 2 weeks .This lil boy understand some of the words we said , even he dunno how to reply to us or talk to us. He doing well when ask to clap the hand, when ask where’s the lizard ?, he will pointing to the ceiling and look around like the picture show above. (cos grandma house had a lizard, and this lizard always be there at the same place and same time, it’s already a routine for Jeremy to watch the lizard).
Beside that, when ask where’s mama, papa, grandpa, grandma, su su or gu gu? he will look at that person , later will smile with them.
Sometime he will wave the hand when ask to ‘bye-bye’.
He understand what is the meaning of NO when we say out loud and firm, he will stop for a while and look at us … after a while he will ignore it !! Sometime he even cry like as we were scolding him … *-*
Look at the pictures above, this lil boy also a very good spot check . Hmm… i guess he wanna make sure mummy do clean the floor very well & without any dirt. Others wise he will pick up a very tiny lil small things from the floor *-*


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