Cat City Holiday : Kuching (Day 2- 25th October 2007)

Day 2 – 25th October 2007

I could said day 2 was a tired, hot and adventures days for us. We all got sun burn by the hot sun while we walk along the trail at Bako National Park.

We started our journey after we had our heavy breakfast.
1) Sarawak Kolo Mee
2) Sarawak Laksa
3) Some Local kuih mui

After breakfast we proceed to Bako National Part. The trip will take approximately one and a half hours by land and boat. Upon arrival you will visit the spectacular ‘Sea Stack‘.Bako was established as a national park in 1957. Since then it has offered it’s visitors the perfect introduction to Sarawack’s native vegitation and wildlife. Bako is rich in a vast variety of vegetation and wildlife as it extends out to coastal beaches and coves.

We took a boat ride from jetty to Teluk Pandan kecil. Upon arrival we walk along well-planned trails where you will see an abundance of flora and fauna amongst the shady forest canopy. We’re jungle tracking all by ourselves without any tour guide, it’s just like a TV series “lost” . We were all alone in the jungle, in the Bako National Park. For us to reach the jetty again, will take us 1-2 hour tracking , it’s about 2.5km far. The entrance fees to enter to the Bako National Park cost RM10 each, and the boat ride cost us RM129 two way.

1&2) Teluk Pandan Kecil

1-5) Adventures trail walk

After a tired , adventures and hot tracking, we drive back to Kuching. Cant wait to take a shower and have our lunch. After lunch, we take a tour near the town , take a slow walk to the river side and shopping around the shop. Those souvenir shop close at 6-7pm, we have to rush for some souvenir before the shops close.

1) Duck soup kuah tiew
2) Fish ball Toh Fu + tong fun
3) Pork honey satay

Well, me personally didn’t buy much for this trip. What I get ??
T-shirt for myself, hubby and Jeremy boy. Since I was visit kuching, I bought a Kuching (cat) for my home deco, cost me RM28. Beside souvenir , I bought some cookies and pepper sweet & bird nest sweet .That’s all I bought from kuching.


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