Organic food is the natural alternative.

Today more and more parents are aware of the health risks of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones and the use of antibiotics in livestock. Organic food is the natural alternative. I do introduce Organic food such as vegetables, tofu, organic product like rice, cereal, baby oat and etc… to Jeremy, but I m not 100% on organic food.Cos organic food is always costly !

Recently I m introduced this Organic Bonmil 1+ to Jeremy after he turning One and is about time to change his milk (isomil). After searching around the market, we decide to let Jeremy taking Bonmil 1+ Is becos Bonmil 1+ is a certified organic formulated milk specially for children aged 1 to 3 years in accordance with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Ministry of Health (MOH) international standards. Bonmil 1+ is targeted to fulfill 3 most crucial requirements in a toddler’s early years; to sustain healthy development, resistance and digestion. Bonmil 1+ is scientifically formulated to contain essential nutrients, protein and vitamins in direct proportion to a toddler’s needs and is further enhanced with Nucleotides, AA and DHA. Bonmil 1+ contains No GMO, No Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, No Antibiotics, No Colouring, No Artificial Flavour, No added fillers or Conditioners and No Preservatives.
(got the info from internet about this Bonmil 1+) .

(while i was going Melaka for site visit last week, i come across this organic shop which sell Bonmil 1+ for RM53.90, i “sapu” all which is only 3 tin they have and cost me RM53 each)
Normal price will be RM59.90, if u buy from organic shop will be ard RM56.90.

Apart from this bonmil, I come across this “yogurt” from organic shop too, is like Jelly + yogurt. The sweetness of this yogurt is made from Fructose (果糖). 1 box cost RM16.90 , 20 cube . I didn’t give Jeremy everyday of this cube yogurt, I give him every 2 days or maybe 1 week 2-3 cube. Cos I do blend or give him fruits like pear, banana and orange. The taste of this yogurt taste really good, even adult will love it too!!

Jeremy love his porridge very must too , he even can take 1 1/2 bowl of porridge each time . Will try to introduce more variety of food to him now. ( any mummies out they have toddler food recipe to share , do email me, tqtq)

1) Organic Tofu + vege + fish 2) organic pumpkin + fish


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