Is all mine !!

I think I have so much to share for this lil boy turning one. Really hope to jot down every wonderful time.. just to recall back oneday after few years back .

p/s: sorry about the movie, i duno how to rotate the movie . but it’s nice and fun to watch.
I had bought few cakes for Jeremy’s birthday, but I dun really let him have a try on the cake. So on this 17th Oct . After my work, I go get a small piece of fruits cake for him, yes.. I just let him eat, enjoy and play with the cake, he dun really eat it, I guess it’s too sweet and cold for him. Can see the pictures above, he is enjoying playing with the cake rather then eating the cake. So a small lil piece of cake for him to enjoy will do 🙂 So, at the end of the cake, who eat lei ??? mummy lor…. *-*

It’s just 2 of us during this moment, we really having a fun time.

Last, to all blogger who dropping by … Have a Wonderful Weekend !!


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