Officially a toddler – 12 months developmental milestone

Jeremy was officially a toddler !! Below was his 12 months developmental milestone :
– Height & Weight : 9.5kg & 176.5cm
– Teeth : Suddenly he had 4 at the upper and 2 at the below.
( I been worry that he had a very slow teething for the pass few month, now…. No more worry )
– Diet : Milk – around 15 oz a day, 2 porridge, 1 cereal and 1 fruit.
( We had change his milk to Organic Bonmil 1+ , still observed it , we might change milk if he cant
getting well with Bonmil, so far so good) Anyone have any idea on milk ?
– Sleep : Day time- very less, 1 or 2 hour , Night time: Normally sleep at 9:30pm till the next morning, sometime can sleep as early as 8pm if he is too tired.

Development :
Nothing much different compare to his 11 months development, but he is improving his every skill, more surprise to come !!. Below was the photos of Jeremy from the 1st day his was born until his a toddler today, time fly really fast without our notice, today i look at this little man , i was so amazed that i had a one year old boy .


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