A Letter for You – My Son .

My dear son,

With this date 17 October and time 2:03pm is exactly you turned ONE today – and quite a little man. You are officially a toddler now until you are 3 years old.

1 year ago, mummy still remember this day, we had our normal checking by Dr. Bala. Daddy and mummy was early for the check up & Dr was not in yet, the nurse ask us to have a test on your heart beat. After few time checking, mummy still remember the nurse give the report a weird look, I realize something is not right, later the Dr came in and inform us that your heart beat is not stable, it’s stop for sometime. Mummy & daddy were worry, and doctor have to burst the water bag and induce . It’s was a painful labour for mummy.
Now you about 10 kg. You are such a cheerful , playful and brave boy. Mummy had breastfeed you for 7 month. It’s was a wonderful time for us to being so close and so dearly to each other.
I must Thank God, u didn’t easily fall sick , I remember u had fever once when you are 5 months. Mummy and daddy had to took leave and taking care of you, cos it’s was first time you get fever and we were panic and worry. The reason that cos you to visit doctor is becos you had a sensitive skin . Thank You To God again to protect you so well .
Every morning you wake up , every evening you see mummy come to fetch you from work, you are so happy and give mummy a big smile . It’s really melt my heart with that lovely smile and mummy cant wait to hug you.
I am so proud of you. You are sweet , charm and affectionate, as well as smart and observant. You are growing so fast! Well, all I can do is the best I can do. I will do my best to prepare you, to teach you what you need to know, to shield and protect you when I can.
There is so much to tell you, to share with you and I simply can’t cover it in one letter. Know that you are a loved and cherished member of the family, you now have mommy and daddy who love you very much and also nothing less from grandparents, and aunts and uncles.
Mummy & Daddy love you more than words can say; I hope you always remember that.
Happy Birthday Son and lots more to come .

Mummy (anggie)

10 Responses to “A Letter for You – My Son .”

  1. vickylow Says:

    It’s so touching Anggie. Glad Jeremy is grow well and healthy. Ya breastfeed babies not easy fall sick. It need great effort but it worth. I’m glad able to breastfeed my child too. 🙂

  2. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    What a touching love letter from muummy!

  3. KK & WS Says:

    when we see our child does not fall sick easily, the hard work of breastfeeding paid off…

  4. KK & WS Says:

    when we see our child does not fall sick easily, the hard work of breastfeeding paid off…

  5. slavemom Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jeremy! Aisay… this aunty either wish u in advance or belated, not on the actual day. :p Time passes by so fast. The labour experience seemed not too long ago hor?

  6. Mommy Says:

    belated happy birthday to you, jeremy! you are one lucky boy to have a mommy like that and likewise, mommy is also proud because of that promotion you gave her!
    best wishes from aunty pek imm

  7. Giddy Tiger Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Jeremy!

  8. MamaTang Says:

    That’s a very touching letter.

  9. Anggie's journel Says:

    thanks all the mummies here… thanks for all the wishes.

  10. Anggie's journel Says:

    thanks all the mummies here… thanks for all the wishes.

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