This morning i was sending Jeremy to Nanny place, seem it’s was still early, i plan to chit chat with the nanny for a while , try listen to her, see any problem she face while taking care Jeremy. As usual, she always have 1 or 2 things to complain about Jeremy , either Jeremy dont like to sleep or making noise like crying . After chat for a while, it‘s about time to give milk to my boy, while she was having the milk bottle and put on the table, i was like shock abit !!

me: what happen to the bottle ? Why so scratchy ?
nanny: hehehe, i wash very hard wan, after wash i boil the bottle !!
me: How you wash ? What u used ?
nanny: i wash with the “dark green hard dishes sponge” !!
me: Why u need that, i thot u used normal soft sponge , seem u r boiling, u no need to wash with that “dark green hard dishes sponge” and the bottle is used for drinking milk and water, no oily and dirty.
nanny: Those sponge no used wan, not clean and smelly after few time washing.
me: “slap head”
Can u see the different between picture a(washing by me) & b (washing by the nanny) ?? (a) can see tru the text behind, (b) cant even read and see any text behind the bottle, and the AVENT printed text was getting blur. Can u imagine how hard she washing the bottle ?? i thot washing bottles is a very basic knowledge, with many many years of taking care babies, she should know . Well…. she been telling me all this while this is the way she washing bottle. *-* “slap head” !!
After work i straight go get a cheaper bottle and 6 soft sponge to her . Cos no point arguing with her, seem she won accept my opinion. I think i will check on the bottle from time to time. She actually not very happy when i said i wanna take back my avent bottle and pass the soft sponge to her.
I realize sometime those “old” nanny is very hard to talk and listen to our opinion, for them they always think that young and newly parents like us have no experience taking care baby, while they have many years of experience . Do u all facing this kinds of problem ? how u try to convince your kids nanny and both come to a “win-win” situation. Me sometime try not to make her unhappy, cos i always think as long as she love and not hurting my kids, others thing i try to “open and close one eye” , but still certain things i m upset and not satisfied and i think i should tell her .


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