Our 4 Lovely Boy

Among all the parents that attended to Jeremy’s birthday party, That’s 2 lovely mummies which is from blogger friends. Not only Blogger friends, We all “poly mate” and Ita was my House mate.

Sure most people know her – Chanel, Othniel and their lovely ever handsome boy – Jeriel.
Another blogger was – Ita , Madhu and their lovely son Joshua and ever cool lil cute boy Joel.

I know this 2 couple when we were study in Poly, Ipoh. Including my hubby too. We all know each other tru PCF a.k.a Poly Christian Fellowship. That was in year 1996 (if i m not mistaken).

After few years, we all get married with our lovely husband. Every one of us have such a lovely kids , all boys, and all boy name stared with “J” , they are – Jeriel the eldest among 4 of them, then coming to Joshua , Then Jeremy and the last youngest boy Joel. All of us give birth one year after another…Jeriel 2004, Joshua 2005, Jeremy 2006, Joel 2007…

Last, i m glad that we all get to know each others in such a nice and beautiful memory and friendship. Hope our kids grow up and get long and close to each others too.

May GOD Bless each of you all, bring health and love in the family.


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