This is de’ Day : Second Session Birthday Party

oh yes, this is the birthday boy for this special day – Jeremy Boy.
This session was held at my house in kajang at 2pm on the 7th October.

Great crowd

I am glad and happy to see so many mummy , daddy and their lovely kids to attend this birthday party , even the weather was kind of hot that afternoon, i can see everybody was sweating. But i guess and hope everyone was enjoying the party . Some parents able to meet up with new parents so do their kids. I was glad to see all the kids enjoying the goodies bag i prepared , enjoying playing with the bubbles too.
Apart from that, the kids were happy with the cute sweet rolls cakes . There’s few lovely cartoon to choose, properly 4-5 different cartoon. Actually u can get this easily from cake house. Becos i hardly can get cup cake in Kajang, other wise i had to order or go collect at PJ area. So at the end i choose this sweet rolls cake for kids, i had requested the cake house owner to make the cake slightly bigger and wrap with chocolate around the sweet rolls.
The middle cake was Glories Berries , i hope it’s nice,
cos i dun get to eat the cake, i had myself a sweet rolls cake .. hehehe, eat on behave of the birthday boy . It’s fresh and nice . At last all the cake and sweet rolls was finished … Mayb i m too busy with the party , with the guest, with my boy . I forgot to snap nice photo for the foods we prepared, but for this session. Main dishes like friend mihun and curry chicken was cooked by my MIL, the rest was buy like : satay, KFC, Domino pizza . Snak/fingers foods like Jelly, mashmallow. sweet, cracker prawn and etc etc was prepared by me.

Last ……Thank You for coming to Jeremy’s Birthday Party!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to travel to Kajang and share this party with us, we had a great time. Hope you all had a great time too.

to be continue … more to share ….


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