This is de’ Day : First Session Birthday Party

Finally it’s come to the celebration day, we had 2 session birthday party for Jeremy boy, this is the 1st session that we celebrated with family and that night itself got 2 birthday boy.

The party held at Grandpa house at 8pm on the 6th October . We had grandpa, grandma, brother and sister in law + their kids . Of cos Jeremy boy was the youngest among the family.The second birthday boy was Han Yong, celebrating his 4th birthday.

Jeremy boy was very happy while everyone sang the birthday song to him . Look at the pictures below, he was laughing happilly, Well, he duno how to blow the candle yet.

There’s 2 birthday cakes, one for Jeremy Boy and another one for Han Yong boy. It’s a Royal Fruits Cake & German Forest cake , half kg each.

Instead of having Cupcake, i decided to get Sweet roll cakes with lovely cartoon for the kids. Cartoon with Garfield’s, Ninja turtle, Pekachoo and Cola-bear . I also put some M&M chocolate and some sweet to make the sweet rolls cake look colourful and cute.

That night i get a big help from my Tai Sou ( bro in law’s wife) for cooking some of the main dishes like fried mihun, curry chicken, fried chicken , poh piah & etc etc.

I myself prepared some easy and light foods like salads, rendang from the buka puasa store, jelly, fruits, fried fish fillets, friend crap meat balls.

Everything going very fine and smooths for this night, i dun hv to work out very hard and tired, that’s a maid to help out all the wash and clean up.

hmm.. no birthday gift and present to show here, cos every family member give “ang pau” . 🙂
I realize nowsaday most people prefer to give “ang pau” instead of present.

The Party end around 10pm, Jeremy was kind of tired, he felt asleep while on the way back to our home. Mama have to change him and clean up abit while he is in his sweet dream 🙂

This is the first session, how about the second session ??? Well, stay tone, i m still arranging the photo and the write up.

To be continue ………………..

p/s: i miss out all the nice photo and some video , properly just busy with the party and Jeremy.


4 Responses to “This is de’ Day : First Session Birthday Party”

  1. Malaika's mummy Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Jeremy.

    The food looked so yummy.

  2. Anggie's journel Says:

    Jo- N:
    TQ, thanks for dropping by my blog.. 🙂

    TQ.. yalor abit too much the food.

    yes, i did it 10 days early from his birthday . cos i be busy doing work during raya time.

    thanks for dropping by, hope to see u again. Thanks to link up too … 🙂

    thanks.. i celebrate 10 days early

    chanel wong:
    thanks …

    no cry wor ….. hahaha
    ya,,,, this night abit too much food.

  3. Anggie's journel Says:

    the ang pou hv to save in the bank for this lil boy needs … hahaha.

    thank q thank q, i m glad it’s turn out very well.

    tq tq..

    can.. u come to jeremy boy hse, i give u aunty 1, emily 1 and timothy 1 too. hehehe

    too much food la… some mistake here … 1st time prepared, duno how to prepared… so …… 🙂

    yes … in advance… tqtq

    malaika mom:

    ( thanks all the mummies here for all the wishing…. on behave Jeremy)

  4. Anggie's journel Says:

    hi annie q, not too late, i celebrate 10 days early … hahaha

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