Crawling Must Be Done

Jeremy was on combat-style crawler for some time, finally he able to used hands and knees to crawl . He also able from a crawling position back to a sitting position. Even he was abit slow in this matters. I will still encouraging him to crawl more. As i read an info saying that ” Crawling helps your baby to become stronger, learning the surroundings faster, improves visual skills and boosts physical abilities. “ So crawl is very important in a baby development. As for me, it’s fine if he haven learn how to walk, cos later when they grow up they will have whole life to walk . At that time, they will not wanna to crawl anymore. Lastly , Don’t push our baby; don’t force him if he’s unhappy; don’t try to get him to move his arms and legs. Relax. Enjoy him. Gently encourage him.

Crawling Must Be Done…
To Get Every Bit Of Stimulation Needed For Optimum Development


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