3rd Preparation

Coming to the 3rd preparation for my boy birthday.
1st Preparation
2nd preparation

To avoid kids to being bored , i had prepared some activities for the kids, just in case there are bored and looking for something to play, Jeremy dunt have much toys, those toys are mainly for baby. I had bought some “bubbles” for the kids to play at the car porch, or some may wanna to stay in the house, that i will provide some drawing papers or some colouring book to entertain the kids.

Nice Bubbles blow for the kids but not for kids under 1 years old. This bubbles cost me RM0.50 each, and i was surprise to see this bubbles blow come with a nice bottle, cos i remember when i was a kids, those bubbles was in a green bottle only, no nice sticker .

Some colouring books for the kids too.

How can a party without ballon ??

Some mummies been asking me, what is inside the goodies bag ? Even the paper bags was small, but actually can put up quite alot of candy, chocolate and etc etc etc.
FYI: the goodies bag come in 5 in 1 pack which cost RM3.50, which can get in the shop like “Living Cabin”.

Another 2 preparation to come. There will be some simple deco in the house and of cos the most important part which i m not good at = FOOD *-*


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