Jeremy 11 months developmental milestone .

Now that he’s only one month shy of his first birthday !!! Jeremy 11 months old today!

  • Height & Weight : Haven measure yet , will do on the next month visit to pediatrician.
  • Teeth : Still the only 2 teeth. Abit slow.
  • Diet : Milk – around 15-17 oz a day, 2 porridges, 1 cereal and 1 fruit.
  • Sleep : Day time- very less, 1 or 2 hour , Night time: Normally sleep at 9:30pm till the next morning.

Jeremy development :

  • He isn’t walking yet, but doing a lot of cruising, in which he is stepping along an object while holding on for support. he also be pulling himself up to standing all by himself.
  • I realize he doesn’t like to play much with his toys. He is fascinated by everyday objects. Jeremy would rather play with car keys, pots, tupperware and the remote control which things around the house.
  • Starts shaking his head from side to side when he doesn’t want to do something.(not sure he understand what is shaking head or not )
  • Know how to wave “bye-bye” , but sometime he won even want when we ask him.
  • Crawl happily toward me when I ask weather he want hug-hug.
  • This lil boy are often not very patient, take one thing, shake it, bang it, taste it and through it away, looking for something else.
  • Strong to be able to sit without support.
  • His arms and shoulders are strong enough for the him to be able to push him self up on straight arms if placed on his tummy.
  • Able to picks up small objects with thumb and finger.
  • Quite hot temper, easy to get mad and cry when not allow him to do certain thing.
  • Been army crawling since he know how to crawl but won’t bring his belly off the floor. Sometime can pushing off with his knees but won stay long… it’s a bit lack out in this matters.
  • Like to see colourful picture and children book by holding himself.
  • Can say words like ‘ mama, papa, dada, didi, tata” sometime can call “ah ma” in a very sweet way, hope he is calling me 🙂

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