Create a image design for header .

Some mummies been asking me how to create and design header by using photoshop CS ? Well, it’s not easy to explain on writing, but i try to explain here and paste some step by using images. Hope it’s not so confuse.

1st steps: Must have an idea what u want ur header to be ?

2nd steps : Go to Photoshop CS .

  • File > New > Width (12-14cm), Heigh (3-5cm), Resolution (150-200dpi)
  • On the Layer column , create a new layer for background .
  • After create a layer for background, use paint bucket tool to colour, or u can leave it to white colour.
  • .
  • Click on “polygonal Lasso tool to create the shape u desire.
  • Select brush or paint bucket tool to put on colour on the shape u create.

Insert photo pictures in ur file :

  • Open the pictures u wish to insert into ur header.
  • On the pictures, select all > copy > paste in to the file or drag the picture to the file.
  • Picture will always large when u insert in to the file, scale to smaller image by Edit > transform > scale , skew, rotate, flip …etc to the picture.

To create effect to the picture

  • For drop shadow effect , go to ‘add a layer style’ on the bottom on the layer , click at the 1st icon
  • Many feature and style can find in the “add a layer style’ comments.
  • After click on the drop shodow, a window will appear, play and try with the ‘structure’ comments.

To enhance picture or create black & white picture & many more .

  • go to Image > adjustment > brightness /contrast ( for brighter picture)
  • go to Image > adjustment > desaturate (black & white picture)

To create text

Last save your file in PSD and at the same time save as JPEG for you to insert to you header in blog. Please take note, some image we create is too large or too small to insert to the header in blog, as for me i will try to reduce the images saiz after i had save to JPEG file until it’s ‘ngam-ngam’ on the header. Image > Images saiz > document saiz .

Done !!

Note : Layer is important in Photoshop. To allow you to control ur images, text …..etc, example which images to come first and which is at the back and so on.

Here are some simple step i can show by using image and writing, hope it’s not so confused.
Many design can be done by using this powerful software. Once u understand the concept and the tool, u can do thousand of design . Any ???? can leave a comments and email to me. Hope fully i can give a helping hand to you.


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