I m lost

Apart from net down and connection bad in my co and home, I think something not right with me… yes myself, I feel tired, lazy, sick (I got migraine for the pass few days) , I even feel bored at work and even feel bored to going out . I feel like lost myself somewhere . But lucky that I m not bored with Jeremy, just wanna be with him most of the time especially when I am unhappy and down. Hopefully all this feeling and thoughts come to an end soon.

Got this message somewhere :
Everything is going to change for the better… You have to change your thinking… Your own thoughts are very powerful, and in a way they can dictate to where your life is going to lead you … There is a preacher by the name of Joel Olsten, who says, ‘don’t be the victim be the victor’… I believe this to heart because in life, you are the one determines your own success… Think of it as this, today is the day, where I’m going to get my own place, today is the day where I’m going to find something that I’m passionate about, today is the day where I am going to overcome this battle… Start by making some goals, make some big ones, and make some little ones which can lead you to the point of where you want to be…


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