Happy Boy ( 开 心 果 )

我 家 的 开 心

As u all know Jeremy like to smile and laugh, He can really laugh none stop and with his …“ahhhekekekekeaahahah”… sound & somemore show off his only 2 teeth. But not every one can make him laugh that way … guess who ??
I try to make this boy smile while I try to take his photo, but he was busy with the brochure he is holding at, so I call up Jeremy’s “su su”
叔叔(younger uncle) to make him smile . This su su 叔叔 can really make my boy laugh and laugh until “ahhhhkekekekahhhahaha”.
Actually I just want a sweet smile from Jeremy, but he give me a big big laugh just like the photos. Sometime we not even can make him laugh this way . But this su su
叔叔 can !!
What a Happy boy !! Everyone was just happy and laugh while see him laugh this way . The sound of the laugh was really cute. I will try capture in video clip nextime !!

The laughter, the smile and the cheeky look of this boy can really make me happy and forget any stress and any unhappy moment and it’s the best medicine to me. I just LOVE it so much .


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