Now You Know

Pictures above was taken by papa last Sunday.

Papa try to put Jeremy to sleep and get some rest, cos we had a lunch at in law place , So this boy can have energy to play around with kor kor and jie jie.
But Jeremy refuse to sleep .This is first time papa see how is this boy being able to stand up by holding at the cot and try to bite the baby bumper cot, but for me I had seen few time already. But it’s will be dangerous to leave Jeremy boy alone at the baby cot, he might fall from the cot. I always wait until he fall asleep only i dare to leave the room, Even i was down stair, i always keep the room door open. Well, i think is time to adjust the baby cot to the lower level.

Papa: mummy, this boy dun want to sleep !
Mama : Why being naughty ar , boy ?
Papa: Go have a look at the camera, see what I took ?
Mama: Oh ? what photo ?
Papa: U see la ?
Mama: “on & view the photo”
… OK
Papa: Huh.. so fast ar ? I took quite a lot lei ?
Mama: See already . ( cos I had took the same photo Jeremy being this way yesterday)
Papa: Oh, my photo not up to your standard ar ?

Mama: No la… those photo I took already lor yesterday, I know lor, how ur boy able to being this way !!

Mama : Now You Know ar !!

Seem papa taken all this photo, so I could like to blog and show this photo in this post, actually very nice photo and show clearly how is this boy being so playful .


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