Tag:8 Random Facts about My “Ah Mah”

Dear healy tag me on facts about my mum. I could like to change abit about the tag..other wise I cant do the tag . can ar healy?

Reason is becos I had separated from my mum when I was a baby. I have not much idea about my mum. Now I m 30+ years old, I think I seen her less then 10 times, maybe even less, I cant remember, even we meet up, but we have nothing much to talk about. Well, not going to write about my mum, but I m going to write about my “ah mah” aka my grandma, cos she is taking care me since that. She Just like my mum.

8 Random Facts about my “Ah Mah” :-

  1. She been at the World WAR 2 . The WW2 beginning in Asia at 1937. She been thru really hard time during the WW2. That why she hate Japanese . Now she was 84 years old. Born year 1923.
  2. She don’t have her own IC, the IC she been using now was somebody else during the WW2, even the name also not the real name.
  3. She was a teacher , taught music and mandarin when she was young.
  4. She very good in cooking Hakka dish.
  5. Very hard working , very strong, very loving , can be very furious old lady.
  6. She loves gardening.
  7. Everyday she need a phone call from me, other wise she be worry and missing about me, I m still a baby granddaughter to her 🙂 now she missing her great grandson – Jeremy , Everyday asking about him.“宝贝怎么样?She call Jeremy as 宝贝 .
  8. Now her health was not as strong as last time after she had fall sick and admitted to hospital for nearly 1 month , it happened end of last year when I was on my maternity leave. Very hard time for me during that moment, cos doctor ask us to “prepared” for the worst. But Thanks GOD, she is recovering and well now.

It’s seem that I have more to write about my “ah mah” , All I can say was I m lucky to have her .

I like to tell u all a short story here : Remember I was around my standard 3 , every lunch break I saw my classmate have their mum to send them lunch set and I was so envy. That day I go back and I told my ah mah about this. She did’t answer me anything . But the second day, I was surprise that she bring lunch set to me during my lunch time, I still remember the lunch set with a fried fish and vege. She was cycling to my school and send me the lunch and she was looking for me at the canteen.
The scene was just so beautiful and touching for me to recall back .

Last, I cant find 8 person to tag, but will tag the following mummies, btw u all have to do the original tag hor… “8 random facts about your mum”… my case is different here.

Ita 1st tag from me?

Chanel I know u have a super mum too.

Pek Imm Like to know about ur mum

Twin So do you .

p/s: The photo above show she is visiting me during my confinement and she was holding 1 month old Jeremy during Jeremy full moon dinner.


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