"Me – Time"

Do u realize nowadays got a lot of Kopitiam Restaurant . Name as Kopitiam , Old Town Kopitiam, Malaysia Kopitiam, Klang Station , last Saturday I was enjoying my “ME TIME” as I go jalan jalan myself , and I come across this Uncle John Kopitiam. It was early in the morning and most of the shop haven’t open for business yet. So I had my breakfast here and order a milk tea and a garlic butter bread. Most of the kopitiam serve the same thing, such as the food, interior design and the thing there are using like cup, plate is almost the same concept and design. I personally like the milk tea, curry mee , nasi lemak and garlic butter bread.

“Don’t forget to enjoy “ME-TIME” and have a cup of tea”

As we know this month (August) is Mega Sale , Merdeka Sale, Karnival Sale, Jusco Sale, WHS, IKEA Sale … macam macam Sale . I had been shopping a lot for this month. Nearly PK *-*
And I like to blog about ONE thing I bought during the last weekend . Sport Shoes, I like to blog about this is becos I very hardly buy sport shoes, this was my 2nd sport shoes I bought after almost 10 years .The 1st sport shoes i bought during my school time (cant remember
which year) . Normally I wear sport shoes which is given by my sister, even was 2nd hand but was very brand new , she been giving me 3 pair but left one, the rest all rosak already (thanks sis… muaaak). Secondly I m not a sport person so I seldom wear .This time I plan to buy one for myself after so many years, the last pair that given by my sis also almost rosak.
Wanna something which is nice (pretty) – girls always look for pretty first 🙂 comfortable BUT cheap. I m kind of choosy when come to shoes. Wanna a Nike sport shoes but Nike always expensive *-* New Balance was having discount too but too bad don’t have my saiz 😦 So I finally get this FILA sport shoes + 50% discount. = RM129.
This sport shoes more feminine look , I like pink and of cos it’s comfortable to wear + 50% discount .


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