Why is Jeremy crying ?? Look so pitiful ??? Is a real cry , cos got tear coming out … wan …:)
Nowsaday he quite easy to cry , I guess he just wanna to be manja , especially when we not allow him to do certain things, like he keep on biting his toys, crawl to dangerous area, take away the thing he is holding, just to avoid him to get injured, or we slightly rise our voice by saying NO to him cos he is being naughty. Then he will show us this pitiful crying face, every time he cry, he will put his little finger inside his mouth. As for me, it’s look funny and cute . Cant just to ignore him and walk away … sure mummy give way and sayang him back .

U WIN , Jeremy Boy … for this moment only while u still a baby, NOT everytime ok?? Hope fully You behave a GOOD BOY when you grow up later.


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