Before & After

Once a baby is walking, making your home safe for baby is almost a daily chore. We always concern and think of our baby at the very first place. What to buy , How to baby proof my home, izit save for Jeremy to play around at the living and dining hall.
My house got alot of “deco” , especially vase, photo frame, art work , glass and etc etc … I like to design my house , rearrange the furniture . Now what ever i arranged the furniture always in the way of childproofing and safety for Jeremy .I wondering how to keep all this things away while Jeremy know how to walk, now he can even crawl to the glass cabinet and knock knock at the glass *-* . He is always curious and playful to know something news.

The 1st pictures show before i had Jeremy, friends can always hang around my living hall.. chat and eat and drink especially during CNY . Now maybe some have to seat on the floor and sofa to play together with my boy. 🙂

The 2nd pictures show after i had Jeremy, the whole house was full of baby things like toys, playpen, stroller, booster seat ,matters for him to crawl, ABC mat for him to play and many more to come.

Here are some child safety devices that can help prevent many injuries to young children.
Safety Latches and Locks for cabinets and drawers in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas to help prevent poisonings and other injuries.

Use Safety Gates to help prevent falls down stairs and to keep children away from dangerous areas. Safety gates can help keep children away from stairs or rooms that have hazards in them.
Use Door Knob Covers and Door Locks to help prevent children from entering rooms and other areas with possible dangers.
Use Corner and Edge Bumpers to help prevent injuries from falls against sharp edges of furniture and fireplaces. Corner and edge bumpers can be used with furniture and fireplace hearths to help prevent injuries from falls or to soften falls against sharp or rough edges.
Use Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates to help prevent electrocution. Outlet covers and outlet plates can help protect children from electrical shock and possible electrocution.
Use Door Stops and Door Holders to help prevent injuries to fingers and hands. Door stops and door holders on doors and door hinges can help prevent small fingers and hands from being pinched or crushed in doors and door hinges.
Use a Cordless Phone to make it easier to continuously watch young children, especially when they’re in bathtubs, swimming pools, or other potentially dangerous areas.

Now is about the right time to shopping for safety devices for childproofing my home.

Posted 12 august 2007
I bought this “14 items product set” for safety many months ago during Guardian WHS , cost RM15 .. not including cordless phone la … 🙂


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