When both parents are busy ..

Jeremy normally wake up more early then us during weekend . We have no choice but to accompany him , and I have to start my housework after that , wanna to sleep abit late also cannot *-*

Last weekend, when I was busy preparing porridge for Jeremy, at the same time washing cloths … cleaning this and that & daddy was busy helping me washing bottles and doing other house work at the master bedroom too. Both of us are busy to accompany him.

What daddy do is to put Jeremy nicely on the beanie bag , give him something to hold or play and open Jeremy favorite CD – either Barney or Children Chinese Song with nice and colorful cartoon just to keep him busy and “being good boy” for ….. maybe half an hour or more and just enough for me to finished some house work. But at the means time cant let him see us, once he see me, he will either cry or show me angry face – wanna to hug hug or carry.

This pictures show he was being put on to the beanie bag and give him his avent bottle to hold .

Even I was busy at the kitchen, but always watch him from the back/kitchen to make sure he is behave well and didn’t fall down from the beanie bag. Acting like a paparazzi …. Snap photo quietly from the kitchen & he is being so concentrate watching the TV.

Alamak !!! Jeremy saw mummy liao, see he being mad ?? and show me his madness for wanna to get out from the beanie bag and want mummy to carry. He was holding his hand very tight like wanna to punch somebody . hehehe

But this already after half an hour time … hehehe… and mummy and daddy finished doing some house work !! Nextime when he know how to walk, i think this beanie bag wont work anymore, must think of other way *-*


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