"Exotic" Nepal

I remember 2 years back, when i told my friends or family that we are going to Nepal for 9 days vacation. Some people will be curious why we choose Nepal? worry of the safety of the country and the food or water might not be clean .

We knew that Nepal is considered as India’s ‘poor neighbour’ so we were surprise to see that everything actually seemed very attractive. Exotic Architecture. Dilapidated Buildings. Ancient Temples. People, motorcycles, bicycles, all dodging each other at the last second. Constant Honking. Mind whirling chatter. Temple bells ringing. Bicycle bells clanging. Tranquil temple squares. Crowded alleyways.

Kathmandu was very tourist friendly and after we met our group leader and other group members , we spent a couple of days going out to the tourist bars and looking around the shops. We also visited the large Buddhist temple perched on the top of a hill (known as the Monkey Temple) and the traditional Nepali buildings and temples of Durbar Square. The Kathmandu Durbar Square holds the palaces of the Malla and Shah kings who ruled over the city. Along with these palaces, the square also surrounds quadrangles revealing courtyards and temples.

Part of the 2 hotel we been staying. 1st picture was The Fulbari Spa Resort at Pokhara and
2nd picture was The Hyatt Regency at Katmandu.

Most of the food was Indian Food, so is not a problem or issue for Asia people like us.

Kathmandu seemed a really good place to relax with lots of peaceful rooftop cafes and bars. Although we knew from the news that there was political unrest in Nepal, apart from the excess of armed police and soldiers around the palace, we didn’t pick this up at all from the atmosphere in Kathmandu.

Beside Katmandu we visited places like Pokhara, Nagargot, Bhaktapur, kirtipur and Patan during that 9 days vacation. Is always very nice and wonderful to visit “rich” country like UK,US,AUS and other “Kou Lou” country. Can always have a heaven shopping , nice and clean weather. Before i visited Nepal, i had those worry too. Worry i might waste my $$ for this trip, end up we fall sick and others. But i have no regret to go Nepal . I do enjoy the trip very much, do enjoy different kind of shopping, enjoy the great adventure( boat ride at Lake Phewa, morning trekking and others) .After visiting Nepal, I realize i m so much blissful with what i have, where i stay compare to those poor kids and poor working environment in Nepal . The whole trip was an unforgettable memories .


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