Jeremy’s sleeping style @ “gaya”?

I love watching Jeremy sleep . I love the way baby sleep, look so innocent, pure, lovely, cute and peaceful to me. I will kiss him again and again after he fall asleep. Look at the way he sleep, talk to him silent and didn’t forget to Thank God for giving me this wonderful and naughty boy to our family. If he was awake, he will not want me to kiss and kiss and kiss many time, cos he will turn here and there to play.

While I reading Jazzmint (Faythe) edge sleeper .. She must amazed with her lil girl which is good at edge sleeping 😉 So I thot to blog about Jeremy sleeping “gaya” at my post this time.

I have been collected the pictures of Jeremy sleeping style @ sleeping “gaya” many months ago. Every time wanna to post this into my blog, but every time I think the pictures was not enough for me yet. Wanna to capture different “gaya” and more of this lil boy sleeping style.
Maybe I will blog it in future for another part II . Here’s the 14 “gaya” u can see , how he sleep. Up & down, left and right . Actually the baby cot is not enough space for him to turn around already, he always knock himself at the wooden cot. But to prevent fall of the bed. We still insist to put him on the baby cot. Cos he is very playful and crawl very fast nowadays.


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