Another weekends

Every weekend seem to be very busy for every body . That’s the time we go out for shopping, cleaning the house, spending time with our baby/kids . I have a busy , tiring yet enjoyable weekend.

Saturday —— Our Company had organized a Sport Day on the last Friday and Saturday . This time, i took part on playing ‘futsal’ … futsal ? yah yah yah … futsal . Normally I took part on playing bowling, but this year bowling had enough of people . So end up I join the team on playing futsal. Not very sure about the game cos i was first time playing . I played as a defender 🙂 Each game was less then 15 minute , 5 person including goalkeeper in one team . 15 minute ? seem to be very short time . But it’s was really really tiring . Each group have 3 games . At the end our team had lost , but it was a new experience for me. Until today my whole body especially my legs was still in pain, but I have fun playing this game.Will join again next year.

Sunday —— I spend time with my boy, playing with him and accompany him watching Barney after feeding him porridge. He was having fun watching Barney, while I was having fun watching him, cos he make a lot of faces while watching Barney .

After Jeremy wake up from his nap, we bring PIL to Sunday Piramid, We haven been there since many years ago, around 2-3 years ago … hmmm… mayb is not a good time to go Sunway Piramid at this moment , cos the location was having big construction around that building itself, I guess there are extended the building and the carpark. So is a bit difficult to find carpark at that moment. End up we parked at the nine floor. BTW, it’s was the sale sessions , so we still enjoy shopping , eating and my PIL was enjoying the time with Jeremy.

We having early dinner at Vietnamese Cuisine, mummy and daddy thought to try on Vietnamese food. We order some Vietnamese pohpiah. Vietnamese “pho” beef noodle (dry and with soup) and green tea. Well, I should said, nothing much special about the food. But the Vietnamese “pohpiah” is nice and the spicy beef noodle was nice too.

End of the weekends. Started another weekdays….. wait for another weekends ….*-*


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