Soy-based Formula Milk vs Cow Milk .

I introduce ISOMIL Advance EyeQ to Jeremy when he is around 4-5 month until now he is fully taking this milk. At first he was being introduce to this milk by the paed is becos Jeremy got allergies to skin, he had many rashes all over his body and face. That’s why the paed introduce this to my boy. Is a Soy-based formula milk.

But what I concern was is this soy-based formula milk will lack of calcium or any important nutrient compare to cow milk ? So far I think the milk work well for Jeremy that’s why I have no intention to change the milk, until I recover Jeremy had broken nail or his nail at his toes is breakable , izit lack of calcium or baby nail is very much soft ? Im not very sure, but is very often happen to him every time i cut his nail. Sometime at the last lil toe nail get “tercabut” yanked out , almost the whole nail.
For sure I will change this milk after my boy turn 1 years old, 3 more months to go . Any good milk which mummy-mummy can introduce ? I try Enfalac & Enfa HA before I gave isomil milk, Enfalac it’s not suitable to Jeremy cos Jeremy has problem “poo poo”, heaty and the rashes cant recover and Enfa HA only sell in small thin and it’s abit costly (RM29.90) . I been told that PediaSure is good for baby after 1 years old by my neighbour , she even told me, this milk can have a “brainy” kids in future.. hahaha . Should I continue with soy-base milk or is time to change to cow milk? If i ask Paed, i guess mostly she will say soy-base milk. … how har ?


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