I haven come across this tag yet .So for me is quite a new tag. Is about PHOBIA. What is my Phobia ? Thanks Vickylow for this tag.Well, I do have phobia. The one that always make me scared was this …… (story time).

It’s happened to me 8 years ago when I was staying at SS15/4B , I was staying at the shop houses, if any one who know this place sure realize that the shop houses was kind of old and dark.., I was working at one of the architect firm at SS15/4B too, the place I was staying was few shop away from my office. The room was at the end of the shop lot with a dark corridor. I have a roommate too.
My land lot was a old couple, husband and wife around 50-60 years old, The husband was very quite time but the wife was very loud , bossy and noisy old lady.
I gone back to the shop house on this Sunday , cos Monday was working and I dun hv to travel early from Sentul to Subang Jaya. Normally my roommate come back on Monday . It’s was a very quite rainy Sunday that day. As usual after having dinner I was reading book or doing my own thing till I tired and fall asleep.
In the middle of the night I heard some one knocking, banging, shouting , screaming and crying in front of my room door and trying to open my door.
I thot I was dreaming .. but the sound was getting louder and clearer. I check on the time, it was 1:30am.. Oh oh… it’s was knocking on my door. I dun dare to open the door . I not sure who is out there, until I heard :“ Open the door please, help .. help… i m aunty ar … i m aunty ar … my husband die already “!!! But she talk in Cantonese . Once I open the door, she holded me very very tight and ask me to check on her husband and call ambulance, cos she cant speck English or malay.In my heart I said .: What!!!!! ????? to check on a dead man ????? But I have no choice, I have too.. cos I saw she was crying very hard and made alot of sound.
Another scary part was, when I saw her husband.. the eye was open very big but the body cant move and lay on the bed . But the heart was still beating.. means he alive la… then call up ambulance, wait down stair and … this and that ….

The husband was having stroke, he still alive .. but I not sure about now, hope he is alive. Even it’s happen 8 years ago, the scene always in my mind and the sound of the banging and knocking door still very clear to me. Maybe I m a coward.

End of the story . Thank you

My big phobia was .. when some one try to bang or knock the door very hard, try to open the door when the door is lock. Can u imagine the sound ?? So I told my hubby, must always open and close the door very quite and calm. Don’t need to knock knock the door, just 2 of us at home.

So.. who am I going to tag ?

Jazzmint (Vyktore & Faythe) – For me u kind a brave mummy , curious about ur phobia ?
Chinneeq (Qiqi) – Wondering do u have any phobia too ?


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