Tag : If you Have $1,000,000.00

This week i got 2 very interesting tags , one was the rockin’ mum blogger tag and another one was this , Thanks to Blur mommy for this interesting tag. Very nice tag to daydreaming .Anyway, I like to day dream sometime. Dream about thing which is hardly happen to us.. who know one day become true .

If I have 1 million, what will I do ? what will I spend… here we go :
20%$$$ to clear all dept (house loan, credit card and study loan)
20%$$$ in Jeremy education fund
20%$$$ Buy a car for my hubby
5%$$$ shopping shopping & shopping
10%$$$ to travel
15%$$$ to saving
10%$$$ to decorate or renovate my house

(Ooohhh…. Wake up wake up … anggie..wake up … oh dear… get shoik for a while but was happy daydreaming about this RM 1 million..hehehe)

Now I like to tag the below blogger :
Healy – go dream about ur holiday and manymore … ok ??
Pinky – what u plan to do with this $$$ ?
Chanel wong – and you ?? more and more drybees u can buy ..
Milkmaid – so many thing to spend ??

Instructions :
**Start Copy**

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00………………………………… Requirements: continue above sentences Tag Mode: 5 blogger 1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below. 2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc. What They Do With Their $1 Million

1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save
5. Sweetpea will spend it like a mummy should.
6. wHOisBaBy will save it for future.
7. BlurMommy will invest & enjoy.
8. Anggie will enjoy & keepsake


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