Jeremy 9 Months Developmental Milestones.

Today Jeremy boy was 9 months = 273.931649 days
8 to 9 months means a lot to Jeremy in term of Physically, Mentally and Social skills. From time to time , we can see his achievement in his new skills . But still have some developmental milestones ahead of schedule and lag behind a bit on others .But it wonderful to see Jeremy seeking some independence. Here are some developmental milestone for Jeremy from 8 – 9 months old

  • Sit without support : Sometime he like to play and lay down backward , so I seldom leave him to seat alone unless on the bed, other wise I will still watch out from the back.
  • Crawl : This is the bigger milestone for Jeremy which is Crawling. And keep in mind that crawling means different things to different babies. Jeremy was learning and able to crawl well but not very fast yet , On the other words, is very hard to carry him nowday, cos he will turn here and there and try to get down and wanna to crawl and roll.
  • Thumb and finger pincer grasp : Pass object from one hand to the other , Drop object and then looks for them and reach for and grabs objects and toys by use thumb and finger pincer grasp to pick things up and like to clap and bang objects together.. and sometime he can even clap his hand.
  • Respond to own name : While you’re out and about, Jeremy will recognize his own name if it’s called, and he’ll turn to whoever calls it. When he wants to be picked up, he will use not only her voice, but gestures like raised arm.
  • Mouth and chew on foods : Not every food I made was blended, sometime I will still keep the food texture for him to learn how to chew. Like eating porridge very much, 2 meal of porridge, 1 meal of cereal, 2-3 time of milk in 7oz and fruits puree.
  • Understand the word NO (but usually doesn’t obey it) : When ever he was trying to do something which is not right or being naughty , we will look at him and say ‘No’ in a ‘firm’ way. So he will slowly know No means No . I guess he understand was is No means, cos he will look at us and quiet for a while when everytime we say No. But usually doesn’t obey it. Sometime he even cry when we say No in a serious way, like we are scolding him.
  • Begin to identify self in a mirror : Jeremy like looking himself in the mirror and will smile to himself in the mirror.
  • Separation and stranger anxiety begin : It makes sense, a defenseless baby would naturally get upset at being separated from the person who protects and cares for him especially we leave him alone in the room or he wake up without seeing us, he will start to make sound or cry out for us. Start wary of strangers who he doesn’t know and haven seen at all, it’s take some time for him to ‘warm-up’ and get along with that person then he will start to smile, play and will like the person to carry.
  • Repeat sounds like ma-ma-ma-ma or da-da-da-da ,make razzing sounds, show faces: Like to scream when ever he is happy or angry , sometime he can even answer to us. Example when I tell story to him or teach him ABC or 123, he will reply me which his sound like eeh..ehhh… da ddaa teee..and so on like he is trying to communicate with me & answer me.
  • Stand while holding onto something : Still learning and being watch closely by us when he trying to stand while holding , can stand for sometime.
  • He can pull himself up to a standing position from a seated one : Especially during bath time, seating on his booster seat or potty. Will try to find something to hold and pull himself up.
  • Weight & height : Around 8.5kg & 65 cm.

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