I’m Loving It

Currently Jeremy was 8 and a half month and taking multi grain cereal or homemade porridge for his meal. But started this week he will eat more on porridge rather than commercial cereal . In between meal we( me & Jay’s nanny) will gave him some fruits puree or mashed fruits.
Jeremy’s daily feeding schedule:
7-8am: 7-8oz milk, 10-11am: fruits 12-1pm: porridge, 3-4pm: porridge, 7-8pm: cereal with fruit, 9-10pm: 6oz milk . If he wake up middle of night, will gave 4oz milk.

I very seldom blog about food ( Home Cook ). Cos i m not a good cook. But i m here to learn to cook for my boy, Buy book,searching internet, asking around my friends and found out what is the best, healthy and fast ingredient/recipe for cooking porridge and other food for baby at different age.

Here’s some of the ingredient I used for cooking porridge :
* Making Porridge from brown rice (soak for 2 hour before cooking)
* Making Porridge from Millet (soak overnight in the fridge)
* Making Porridge from Mixture grains (any 2/3 grains : brown rice & millet)

(To make it more tasty and nice, always add fish or any vegetables, gradually decrease the added liquid for a thicker consistency.)

This is a very good porridge for baby, the fiber in the whole grains of the porridge is necessary for colon health and overall healthy. Jeremy very seldom have diarrhea or
constipation. If you wish, can freeze porridge (without vege & fish) in individual servings, it will keep for 2-4 weeks. But I don’t freeze porridge, cos it’s so quick to make.

I making fruits puree as well for 1 weeks supply, Freeze the fruits i had blend or mashed. If the fruits amount are alot most likely i will blend it. Every morning will take 1 bottle to nanny place.The fruits puree was made from fruits like * Avocado + Banana * Avocado + Pear or Apple and * Pear + Apple

So much to learn . After those hard work .. the most satisfaction and great moment for me and my boy was :

I’m Loving It


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