TAG : 8 Random Fact About ME

I saw this tag for sometime, and I wish I won’t get this tag, cos is fact about myself… and sometime I dun understand about myself too…. But CANT ran away from this tag … Vivian got me.

8 Random Fact About ME :

  • i came from a broken family, both parents separated/divorce when I was just a baby, I grow up with my granny. Both parents re-married .
  • i always afraid of baby or kids, there seem noisy and trouble to me, maybe is due to my family background. Now I m a mother , I realize having baby is something wonderful .
  • i m stress, unhappy, feel down = I go shopping .
  • i m very emotional women.
  • Nowadays i drive very slow, worry to over take car, always tolerate in the road, just becos of the accident.
  • i don’t like number, calculation and math. Won’t set password in number, cos I cant remember.
  • i can be very quiet and not talking the whole day & I can be very talkative too.
  • Sometime i don’t know what I want.

Done & i m going to TAG one and only one : Mommy To QiQi


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